The Quarryville Fire Co. is located in Quarryville, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The department is all volunteer. Quarryville Borough is a small rural town about 2 square miles with a population of about 2,500 residents. Our call numbers are 5-7, dispatch frequency is 33.90 MHz, and working frequency is 33.72 MHz. Membership consists of approximately 60 active members, 8 Probationary members,11 junior members and 30 lifetime members.

Besides the Borough the Fire Department proudly provides fire protection and service to Eden, Colerain, East Drumore, Providence, Little Britain, and Strasburg Townships, Some entirely others partially. Including the Borough total coverage area is approximately 98 square Miles, which is the largest coverage area in Lancaster County by a single company. The area consists mostly of rural farmland, as well as residential and light industrial territory. The fire department provides fire protection to 3 schools, 2 retirement facilities, as well as several note worthy businesses and homes that are constantly growing and expanding. Funding comes entirely from fund drives, Borough and Township donations and fund-raisers.

The Quarryville Fire Company has a long, rich history and tradition dating back to 1903 when the department was chartered, and takes the up most pride in the departments members, their training and qualifications, as well as the apparatus we house. The department currently has 2-Engines, 1-Truck, 1-Tanker, 1-Heavy Rescue, 1-Brush Truck, 1-Squad, and 1-Chiefs Vehicle. These units are all in service and are equipped for front line Fire/Rescue/Water Supply Service.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 
The Annual Fall Turkey Shoot and Gun Raffle is coming up on Saturday, November 5th. Beginning at 5 pm, we will be shooting 15 rounds for frozen turkeys, several 50/50 cash rounds and two grand prized rounds, one for a Ross Home Defense 12 gauge shotgun and one for a Smith and Wesson 15-22. 

Each turkey round is $2.00 a target, cash rounds and the grand prize rounds are $5.00 a target. The gun rounds are unlimited, with the others being limited to 28 shooters per round. We will also have a free "kids round" for everyone under age 12. The prize will be a Gamo air rifle.

Once again this year we will also be having table gun raffles at $5.00 a chance with only 100 tickets being sold per gun. We have a Henry Golden Boy .22, a Henry Golden Boy Silver .22 and a Ruger .40 handgun.

Our Gun Raffle tickets will also be pulled that night. We will have tickets available for purchase, or you can see a member between now and then to get yours. Only $5.00 a ticket for a chance to win one of 8 guns ($3,500 worth of firearms on the ticket).

Food will be available by donation. Hot dogs, hamburgers, pork bbq, drinks and snacks will be served by the Special Division.

Bring the family for a night of fun. All ages are welcome. It will be a great night!!

Saturday, October 22, 2016 
Today was the Annual QFD Burn Day at the West Chester Fire Training Center. This is a training that we have been doing for several years, and is always a highlight of the training classes.

Today, over 20 members, with several from Rheems Fire Company worked at the WCFTC doing multiple live burn evolution's on the first and second floor. This teaches the members about the fire stages and growth and fire attack methods. There were a lot of new members that attended, and today was a great day for them to see exactly what it is like in a fire.

Thanks to all of the members who went, and to the burn tech's who kept the fires going. Thanks also to Garden Spot Engine 39-1, Christiana Tanker 52-1, West Grove Engine 22 and Rheems Tanker 70 who provided various stand by hours through the day.

Thanks also to Lt 571 Ken Yost for organizing and planning the day and taking care of most of the logistics. Great job everyone!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 
At 9:39 pm Wednesday evening, the full company from QFD responded to assist Rawlinsville FC on a building fire (sawmill) at 921 Lancaster Pike in Providence Township. Chief 58 responded and was advised that multiple calls were received reporting a working fire. Medic 56-4 and the 58 Chiefs arrived with a large building fully involved. 57 units arrived after Engine 581 with the Truck setting up on side "A" and going into master stream operations. Engine 574 laid 600' of 4" in the driveway and stretched a total of 3 lines (2 - 1 1/2" and 1 - 2 1/2" with a Blitzfire) for exposure protection and fire attack. Tanker 57 set up a water supply along with Tanker 58, with Lt. 571 (Yost) taking water supply command. Command 58 requested additional engines and tankers, and ordered Engine 572 to the fill site at Hopkins Mill Road and Deaver Road. Engine 2 set up and filled 10 tankers for a total of 26,000 gallons from that fill site. Rescue 57 arrived with the crew assisting with fire ground operations. Squad 572 and 5 QFD Fire Police helped to handle traffic control in the area. Crews worked for 4 hours and 30 minutes before returning to station, cleaning up, getting the rigs and equipment ready for service and then most firefighters headed to work with little to no sleep. Thanks to Tom Amico for the photos, and to Strasburg FC and Bart Twp. FC for standing by while we were out.

Monday, October 17, 2016 
At 12:27 pm, LEMSA and QFD were dispatched to 1555 Kirkwood Pike for a vehicle accident with a vehicle into the house. Units arrived and confirmed a work van into the house with major structural damage and the driver still in the vehicle. Crews immediately stabilized the van and took care of spill control inside the house and controlled the utilities. The driver self extricated and was treated and transported by EMS. 

Once the victim was out, members worked on clearing debris and making the vehicle and house ready for removal. Several walls, windows and doors had to be removed. The van was then removed by Temple's Salvage. Once the vehicle was removed, the crews shored up the affected area to limit any additional damage and cleaned up for the homeowners.

Great job and good work to everyone involved. Thanks also to Walter and Jackson for bringing the lumber we used for shoring.

Rescue and Truck 57, Engine 572 and Squad 572 responded with 21 firefighters and 6 fire police.

Saturday, October 15, 2016 
Today, members of the QFD, the Quarryville PD and Quarryville Borough Council were treated to a luncheon at the fire station.

As you probably read earlier, Aydan and Addy Weaver ran a lemonade stand this summer to raise funds to provide a meal to the PD and FD. These two kids raised over $500.00!!

Thanks to Aydan and Addy for their generosity and kindness. It is great to see kids being raised in the public safety community like these two. They can't help it, with father Jeremy Weaver and Paw Paw Ron Weaver both active members of the Company. Thanks again for the meal !!

Saturday, October 15, 2016 
The final collection of this years Restaurant Boot Drive Challenge is completed. 

This year, the community donated $2,670.42, which is $192.42 above 2015! Quarryville Family Restaurant came in First in collections again this year, followed closely by Kreider's Market in second place.

We once again would like to thank all of the eateries that took part in this years event, and to all of the people that donated money to "the boots". This continues to be a great way of the community working together to help us provide the level of service that we do.

Thanks to Sherry Wertz who organized the event, and to all of the members that helped make this fund raiser work.

Thursday, October 13, 2016 
Fall/Winter 2016 Quarryville Fire Company Barbara Johnson Art Raffle is in progress.

In the early 1990's, local artist Barbara Johnson did a series of paintings to raise funds for our new Engine 574. 22 years later, we are holding a raffle to win one of the original prints of the Bonholtzer Mill, along with two others, Spangled Stars and Snowflakes and Stardust.

Barbara grew up right across the street from the fire station, and her father, Glenn Myers, was a long-time QFD firefighter, Chief Engineer and Lifetime Member. A lot of people remember Glenn as the "tow truck driver" for Stoner and Wade. Her mother, Jean, was an icon at the Quarryville Elementary School as the crossing guard and lunch monitor. Almost everyone that grew up in the 70's and 80's and went to QE had a tooth pulled by "Mrs. Myers".

We are selling tickets for the chance to win these beautiful prints. Tickets are $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00. The drawing will be held at our annual Santa Night on Friday December 16th. The winners do not need to be present.

For information or to purchase tickets, see a QFD firefighter or cal 786-7982. The profit from this fund raiser will go to the QFD Building Fund.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 
At 7:10 am, QFD units were dispatched to 1602 Slate Hill Road in Drumore Township to assist Robert Fulton Fire Company on a reported barn fire. The reporting person indicated that there were hay bales on fire inside the barn.

Chief 89 arrived and confirmed multiple large round bales on fire in a steel structure. Engine 89-1 laid a line in the driveway and stretched 2 lines to knock down the fire, and to wet down the bales as they were removed with a front end loader. QFD and other mutual aid units assisted with overhaul and tearing the bales apart and wetting them down. Tanker 57 hauled water from the fill site at the river into the scene. 

One QFD firefighter was transported for a minor medical issue, but is home and back in service. QFD units operated for 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Thanks to Bart Twp. Engine 51-1 for covering our district while we were out.  Photos by Tom Amico.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 
At 1 pm, QFD units were alerted to assist the Refton Community Fire Company with a chimney fire on Hollow Road in Providence Township. Chief 59 arrived shortly after dispatch and upgraded the assignment to a dwelling after finding fire extension in an interior wall. Truck 57 arrived behind Engine 592 and Tanker 59 and set up to the roof (for the 2nd time today). The Truck crew went inside and assisted on the interior, opening up to expose any fire extension. Rescue 57's crew assisted with various fire ground tasks. The crew from Willow Street Rescue 50 were assigned ventilation and utilized fans and cords from the Truck. The company operated for about 1 hour. This is officially the first chimney fire of the 2016 fall heating season.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 
At 2:33 am, QFD, Bart Twp. FC and Gap FC (RIT) were dispatched to 1166 Dry Wells Road in Eden Township for a house fire. Engine 574 arrived with fire showing from the rear of a 2.5 story house and laid a line in from Rt.472. Crews immediately deployed a handline into the house, finding high heat and heavy smoke. Tanker 57 arrived as the water supply, and Truck 57 set up for roof operations. A "working fire assignment" was requested on arrival.

Engine 51-2 arrived next and laid a supply line in a second driveway and stretched lines to the rear of the house and assisted in extinguishing fire there. With the large property and large amount of fire, Chief Joel Neff requested a 2nd alarm. The WFD and 2nd alarm brought units from Refton, Strasburg, Oxford and Christiana.

The roof man from Truck 57 cut the roof, allowing the interior crews to finish knocking down the fire on all three floors. All crews worked together to extinguish and overhaul the fire, saving attached exposures and limiting damage as much as possible.

Crews remained on the scene until approximately 7 am, with most going back to the station, getting the rigs in service and then going straight to work.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a safe and professional operation. Thanks to all fire police, led by QFD FP Captain Carl Diem, and to the QFD Special Division for food and drinks. Thanks also to Robert Fulton FC for standing by for us while we were out. We also wish a speedy recovery to Bart Twp. FF John Graybill who became ill while operating Tanker 51 and was transported to the hospital.

QFD Units on scene: Engine 572, Engine 572, Tanker 57, Truck 57, Rescue 57, Squad 572 and Squad 571.

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